Private hire of areas

The Grand Palais National Galleries, a venue dedicated to the influence of the Arts

Evening events, private tours, morning receptions – offer your guests the most prestigious current exhibitions by hosting them under very special conditions! The RMN offers private hire of its exhibition spaces and hosting in the Grand Palais National Galleries. Monographs of artists, retrospectives, new creative projects, open to 20th-century art movements, all visual arts and all civilizations: the National Galleries present a thorough and generous vision of art history, in collaboration with the largest French and foreign museums. Over nearly 5300m2 of galleries dedicated to temporary exhibitions, the RMN plans and produces all events, publishes related reference works and manages the commercial operation of venues. During the four major annual exhibitions, which take place in the spring and the autumn, the National Galleries welcome nearly a million visitors each year. These exceptional events could be an opportunity for your company to carry out a targeted PR campaign. This would enable you to host from 15 to more than 500 people in historic surroundings. Tours with a cocktail, dinner or a breakfast depending on the package chosen, all types of reception can be organized on the spot, following a visit to the chosen exhibition. Guided tours are provided by national museum guides.

Private hire of exhibitions

The historic venue for major exhibitions, the Grand Palais National Galleries were created in 1964 by André Malraux. They have been confirmed since as one of the main venues for holding international exhibitions in France and the world. Here are some of the most prestigious exhibitions held there, making major cultural news in Paris and internationally: "Homage to Picasso" (1966), "Henri Matisse" (1970), "L’Or des Scythes" (1975),"Chardin" (1979), "Monet" (1980), "Manet" (1983), "Turner" (1983), "Watteau" (1984), "Renoir" (1985), "Degas" (1988), "Gauguin" (1989), "Seurat" (1991), "Toulouse-Lautrec" (1992), "Amenophis III" (1993), "Cézanne" (1995), "Georges de La Tour" (1997), "Gauguin-Tahiti" (2003), "Turner-Whistler-Monet" (2004), "Klimt, Schiele, Moser, Kokoschka" (2005), "Once Upon a Time Walt Disney" (2006) and "Courbet" (2007), to name but a few, each received several hundred thousand visitors. Two exhibitions will be organized and held at the Grand Palais National Galleries next season. Emil Nolde German Expressionism is a subject new to France. Emil Nolde (1867-1956), one of the main representatives of the movement, has never before benefited from a retrospective. For the first time in France, an ambitious exhibition pays homage to this great figure of Modern Art by bringing together 90 paintings and 70 watercolours, engravings and drawings. Exhibition on show from September 25th, 2008, to 19th January, 2009, Clemenceau entrance. Picasso and The Masters Pablo Picasso learnt the strict rules of academic practice at a very young age from his father, José Ruiz-Blasco, a professor at the School of Fine Arts and director of the Malaga Museum, as well as during his time at the School of Fine Arts in Corunna (1893-1899), the Lonja Fine Arts School in Barcelona then at the San Fernando Academy (Madrid). Drawings inspired by works from Antiquity, statuary and architectonics, copies of canvases by great Spanish masters and a study of European art history were the core of this training, based in the Humanist pictorial tradition, reminding us that Picasso was a painter born in the 19th century (1881). Academies, historical painting, genre scenes, epic and religious compositions, oppressive rendering, large machines, competitions, official painting and art galleries comprised the day-to-day, the reference point and the perspective of his on Exhibition on show from 8th October, 2008, to 2nd February, 2009, Square Jean Perrin entrance. Every event at the Grand Palais National Galleries is unique. We undertake to meet your expectations to the best of our ability by using our skills to ensure you succeed. Three private hire packages are available based around these exhibitions: Cultural mornings: from €1900 excl. VAT; up to 100 people. From 8.30am to 10am, before public opening, you guests will be welcomed in the Les Galeries restaurant, at the Moka counter or in the Clemenceau drawing room, before being taken on a guided tour of the exhibition. Possibility of cultural morning shared between non-competing companies. Late-opening evenings: from €8000 excl. VAT; up to 80 people. From 8pm to 11pm, cocktail and private guided tour of the exhibition. Big evening events: from €25,000 excl. VAT; up to 500 people. From 8.30pm (times flexible), you are free to design your event: welcome drink, cocktail and dinner may precede or follow the exhibition tour and include live shows.


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Private hire without exhibitions

Every event at the Grand Palais National Galleries is unique. We undertake to meet your expectations to the best of our ability by using our skills to ensure you succeed.

Spaces at your disposal

The National Galleries have a large 350-seat auditorium and 60-seat studios, each equipped with a control room, which can be made available to you. These facilities can be used on their own: it is not compulsory to combine their hire with a tour of the exhibition.

National Galleries of the Grand Palais for private hire

Outside of exhibition periods, our calendar sometimes allows us to hire out the galleries for your private events (fashion show, product presentations, etc.).


From €750 excl. VAT to €25,000 excl. VAT (excl. technical costs)


External relations department Tel: +33 (0)1 44 13 17 30 Send an email