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Picasso and Martin Kippenberger

Tue, 02/02/2016 - 16:03 -- celine
When Kippenberger saw David Douglas Duncan’s photographs of Pablo Picasso in 1988, he was particularly struck by one of them...

In it, Picasso is standing on the steps of his Cannes house, La Californie, wearing enormous briefs. Kippenberger used these oversized underpants to show his admiration for and identification with Picasso. Paying tribute to his favourite retreat, the Elite Hotel, he reproduced the calendar published every year by the modelling agency of the same name. With a total lack of vanity, he photographed himself dressed in underwear sized for his generous proportions. He later used these photos to create a series of large-format paintings. Another series of Duncan’s photographs inspired Kippenberger’s second tribute to Picasso. Taken following the Spanish artist’s death, they show his widow, Jacqueline, overcome by melancholy. They led Kippenberger to produce a series of coloured crayon drawings, which he later used as the basis for paintings.

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