Pablo Picasso

Picasso and Martin Kippenberger

Article - 2 February 2016
When Kippenberger saw David Douglas Duncan’s photographs of Pablo Picasso in 1988, he was particularly struck by one of them...

Picasso and Jasper Johns

Article - 25 January 2016
Jasper Johns’ changing work shows how Pablo Picasso replaced Marcel Duchamp as the figurehead of modern art...

Picasso and Rineke Dijkstra

Article - 19 January 2016
Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra, who was born in 1959, produces documentary-style images that offer a contemporary reinterpretation of portraiture.

It’s a Picasso !

Article - 15 December 2015
For most people, “a Picasso” is a painting from the second half of the 1930s. Picasso’s Cubo-Surrealist style during this period was also his most celebrated – given its surprising facial deformations – and perhaps his most complex.

Guernica, a political icon

Article - 10 December 2015
Guernica’s political meaning is derived from the different contexts it was created in.

Lucien Clergue, the first albums

Article - 14 December 2015
In 1953, Lucien Clergue (1934-2014) was not yet twenty when, after leaving a bullfight in Arles, he presented his first photos to Pablo Picasso. This was the start of a friendship that lasted twenty years. Thanks to the photographer's albums, discovered after he died, we can understand the brilliance and dark poetry that so impressed Picasso and later Jean Cocteau.