Fragonard and Romantic Allegory

Article - 5 January 2016
In 1773, the engraver Jean Massard gave Fragonard a copy of a collection of romantic poetry from Antiquity, attributed in particular to the poet Anacreon (582-485 B.C.), whose illustrations by Charles Eisen he had just engraved.

Fragonard : Éros rustique et populaire...

Article - 14 October 2015
Au moment de son premier séjour romain (1756-1761) et surtout après son retour, Fragonard renouvelle son traitement des amours pastorales et populaires. Deux veines s’illustrent alors.

Fragonard and the loves of the gods

Article - 24 November 2015
Between 1740 and 1750, the mythological fables of Antiquity illustrated by François Boucher and his disciples became the symbol of a frivolous, even licentious, form of painting...