Why us ?

As you have clicked through to this page, you perhaps want to become involved in current cultural activities – by supporting an exhibition, an artistic project, or the protection of our cultural heritage. Hopefully we can persuade you to make a commitment to the Rmn-GP, and work with us!    
Why us?

You might not know our name, but you are bound to recognize the logo. The Rmn-GP is found throughout France in its exhibitions and museum shops, as well as its publications and cultural products. The result of a merger between the Réunion des musées nationaux and the Grand Palais, we have become a new public body with a wide range of exciting projects and a historic Parisian monument as our emblem – the Grand Palais.

Librairie boutique du Louvre © Jean-Luc Bertini
Who are we?
The Rmn-GP is neither a museum nor a gallery, but an unidentified creature on the cultural landscape. In a nutshell, we are a public cultural institution wearing several hats: exhibition organizer; publisher of books, cultural objects and multimedia products; art workshop manager; photographic agency; and commercial distributor.

Our vision is to bring a palpable experience of beauty to as many people as possible, by engaging them with art and creative activity in all its forms, including classical painting, contemporary art, photography, cinema, music, theatre, fashion, and sports events. In 2012 the Grand Palais played host to a Helmut Newton exhibition, an Edward Hopper retrospective, a Chanel exhibition and fashion shows, the Saut Hermès equestrian event, performances by the Comédie-Française, FIAC, Paris Photo, a funfair, and even a gigantic ice-skating rink. Who can top that?
Each year we are proud to welcome:

- 2 million visitors to the Grand Palais, Paris
- 400,000 visitors to the Musée du Luxembourg, Paris
- 2.5 million visitors to all our exhibitions in France
- 40 events and exhibitions at the Grand Palais
- 13 million visits to our websites
- 4 million customers in our 43 museum shops

Paris Photo, 2011 © Mirco Magliocca