Our Publications and Workshops

Our publications

The Rmn-GP is also an art publishing house, producing around 100 new items annually: exhibition catalogues, scientific works, guides, albums, glossy books, scientific journals, books for young people, etc. Without wishing to blow our own trumpet, we are the leading art publisher in Europe.

Alongside all these traditional types of publication, we are developing an online, open-access publication format on the website grandpalais.fr, which allows you to immerse yourself in our museums’ collections. Working for global access to knowledge! 

Catalogues Hopper © Droits réservés



Our digital world

Our digital world consists primarily of our 14 websites which are aimed at the wider public and professionals: www.rmngp.fr, www.grandpalais.fr, grandformat.fr, www.histoire-image.org, www.boutiquesdemusees.fr, www.photo.rmn.fr, www.museeduluxembourg.fr, www.panoramadelart.com, and many more.

In what is a dynamic and responsive approach to culture, we offer internet users original and creative content associated with the Grand Palais and its programme of events. Using social networks, our magazine and our websites, we add new online items on a daily basis: trailers, teasers, feature articles, behind-the-scenes topics, anecdotes, quizzes, archives and playlists. We now have a community of 60,000 fans on Facebook and 10,000 followers on Twitter. A great boost!

In addition we are designing all sorts of applications for iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as a wide range of digital content to bring culture into your daily lives: e-albums of exhibitions, an intensive 3D tour, and even broadcasting of conferences and debates. All this and more!

Finally, we co-produce cultural films and documentaries related to our current events, which are broadcast on TV or sold as DVDs in our shops.
Our cultural objects

Tasse Joséphine © Droits réservés


Would you fancy wearing Marie-Antoinette’s earrings, as depicted in her portrait by Elisabeth Vigée-Le Brun? Or a scarf inspired by a painting of François I? We can now do this with our range of cultural objects, jewellery, textiles and unique items, produced using details from paintings or as original works by contemporary artists. We work with famous French brands to guarantee quality and originality, including Lalique, Baccarat, Bernardaud, Gien, Petrusse, Raynaud, and Marc Rozier. This means we can offer a wide selection of product lines for sale in our shops and on the internet: the Marie-Antoinette collection with Lalique, Raynaud and Moutet; the Joséphine collection with Bernardaud; a tapestry line with Art de Lys; a design series with Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and Pierre Charpin. If this has whetted your appetite, come and visit our online shop.
Our art workshops

The casting workshop

Established over 200 years ago, it manages a unique collection of 5,600 casts taken from great French and European collections. From making a traditional mould to digital scanning, our workshop combines traditional craft specialisms and advanced technology to create replicas in plaster, resin, bronze, terracotta, etc. If you fancy the Venus de Milo in your lounge, this is where to come.  
The chalcography workshop (copper engraving)

With over three centuries’ experience, it maintains a collection of 14,000 engraved copper plates to which new items are added on a regular basis. Working in partnership with the Louvre, we have commissioned public work from contemporary artists as varied as Louise Bourgeois, Tony Cragg and Cyprien Gaillard. The collection now has around 40 artists – a real success!