Tour auto optic

Tour auto optic

Grand Palais
- 22 апреля 2013


Before embarking on its journey through France, from Paris to La Rochelle, making pit stops in Orléans, Vichy, Albi and Limoges, the 22nd edition of the Tour Auto Optic 2ooo is set to display its treasures beneath the Nave of Paris’s Grand Palais. More than 220 of some of the most legendary classic cars will be exhibited during the event for the enjoyment of the Parisian public.

From the Citroën 2CV to the rare Ferrari 250 GTO, as well as a very impressive list of prestigious makes and their vintage models, for one day only, the competing cars will form a real “living” museum. This year, the Tour pays special tribute to the Aston Martin, celebrating its hundredth birthday, as well as to BMW, Ferrari and Porsche. More than two decades’ worth of the most wonderful bodywork and mechanics in the history of the automobile are set to be unveiled to the public at the Grand Palais, which, let’s not forget, was the home of the Paris Motor Show between 1901 and 1961.

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