A few dates

13 January 2009

Moulage des pas de Laetoli (Afrique, Tanzanie) vers 3,5 millions d’années Musée de Préhistoire des Eyzies-de-Tayac © Photo MNP - Les Eyzies - Dist RMN - Philippe Jugie

Going back…

7,000,000 years : appearance of the first ancestors in “hominid” line.

3,500,000 years : footprints found in Laetoli (Tanzania, Africa) first evidence of bipedalism.

2,700,000 years : Appearance of Homo habilis and first flaked tools. The oldest known were discovered in Lokalalei (Kenya, Africa).

1,800,000 years : first Homo erectus in Africa.

1,700,000 years : first hominids discovered outside Africa: Homo georgicus,georgicus, in Georgia (Eurasia).

1,000,000 years : first bifacial tools invented by Homo erectus.

450,000 years : Tautavel man (Homo erectus), the oldest known inhabitant of France.

440,000 years : first homes built (fire mastered).

300,000 years : first Neanderthals.

200,000 years : Omo I and Omo II, the oldest known Homo sapiens sapiens human remains, in Ethiopia (Africa).

100,000 years : oldest known graves of Homo sapiens in Qafzeh, Israel (Asia) and of Neanderthal man, in Kebara, Israel.

75,000 years : oldest known huts in Moldova and Ukraine (Europe).

35,000 years : oldest known European Homo sapiens sapiens in Romania. Beginning of art in Europe, Aurignacian.

32,000 years : oldest parietal art paintings, Grotte Chauvet, France.

25,000 years : the first "Venuses" sculpted.

17,000 years : first spear-throwers.

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Due to the Coronavirus, the Grand Palais is temporarily closed, and our upcoming exhibition have been postponed (Noir & Blanc a photographic aesthetic).
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