Lucien Clergue and the kinetic panorama

On the occasion of the Grand Palais exhibition, it seemed interesting to show a large selection of pictures created by Lucien Clergue in the 1960s and early 1970s.
1 February 2016
Vue de l’exposition 1, Lucien Clergue. Les premiers albums, scénographie François Hébel et Christian Lacroix, © Rmn-Grand Palais, Paris 2015 / Photo Mirco Magliocca

The current trend was kinetics and psychedelic art. Lucien Clergue continued to explore Provence and the Camargue but he chose more radical lighting. These graphic, abstract images with strong back-lighting, reflections, and the contrasting prints have a new energy and a powerful intensity that seem worlds away from the young melancholic Clergue. Lucien Clergue decided to make large prints for this series (most of them are 40×60 cm) and we have a large number of originals. One hundred and ninety eight of them are exhibited here. This series represents an important stage in Lucien Clergue's work and it has not been exhibited very much recently so it now deserves to be shown.
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