Your role in all this?

If you decide to support one of our exhibitions or a specific project, you will reap many benefits too.
You will add new meaning to your message
When you become associated with one of our events, we give you a high profile on our communication plans (poster campaigns, press inserts, on-site signage) and on all our support materials: brochures, catalogues, invitations, press releases, websites, apps, etc. If you support us, people will know about it.
You will have a positive impact on your immediate environment
Do you want to boost your presence in the local region? Make an original contribution to its development and appeal factor? Act in the place where your business operates? Expand your network? One of our twenty museums is bound to be in your area. Shall we set up a meeting?
You will unite your teams around an exciting project
Today a commitment to culture means showing you care for other people and have confidence in the future. It is also a way to enhance the professional status of your employees, raise their awareness of art, and develop their creative side. A breath of fresh air in the current economic situation! 
You will benefit from invitations to major exhibitions and private viewings
It’s that extra something that makes all the difference. You will receive invitations to our openings, and you can ask your own clients and employees along. We will also reserve special fast-track tickets for exhibitions and collections for you – a practical way to avoid the inevitable queues. 
You can play host to your contacts in exceptional locations
And finally, we offer you the option of organizing prestigious events in unique locations: breakfast meetings, cocktail evenings, formal dinners, business seminars, AGMs etc. Make yourself at home!

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