Our audiences

Our main aim in planning exhibitions, publications, conferences, or mobile phone apps is for our visitors to enjoy them, and to want to come back and find out more. Our way of capturing the attention of all these people is to offer activities specifically adapted to our different audience types. Would you like to help us?

Atelier jeune public © Nicolas Krief


“Yes" to cultural education
To open up the world of culture to young people, we have devised guided tours, workshops and screenings for all ages, from primary right through every school level and beyond, to college and vocational training.
Reaching Out! Workshops with Thierry Marx
To coincide with the “Dynamo” exhibition, renowned chef Thierry Marx is running a cookery workshop to start a dialogue between the plastic and culinary arts. So learning about culture can be fun too!
For students doing vocational qualifications in cookery/hospitality
Digital culture has arrived
In our museums, exhibition visits are not just about walking through rooms filled with works of art which do not mean much to you. Our multimedia teams work on e-albums, support materials for visits, digital tours in 3D, and game applications to make culture enjoyable.

Visite Bohèmes, 2013 © Nicolas Krief

Reaching Out! Private virtual tour of the Bohemians exhibition
From the comfort of your own home, we invite you to take a virtual guided tour round the “Bohemians” exhibition which took place in the Grand Palais from 26 September 2012 to 14 January 2013: a 360° tour divided into sections with commentary by an Rmn-GP guest speaker.
Working together to stop cultural exclusion
We actively consider all the people who find it difficult to come to us, whether it is because museums and exhibitions seem remote and inaccessible to them or a physical disability makes it hard to visit us. In these cases, we do all we can to cater for their needs, and provide special prices and tailored tours.
Reaching Out! Visits to the South Ile-de-France prison exhibition
We collaborated with the South Ile-de-France prison in organizing an art exhibition with prisoners which will be put on inside the prison in autumn 2013: the choice of subject, the works, requests for loans, and design will all be decided by them with some help from us.